Starting a new Church in Kyoto.


Lifehouse is so excited to announce we are starting a new church in Kyoto in 2017!


Why are we starting?


  1. We have a growing number from Kyoto in our Lifehouse Osaka who have a vision to reach out to their city. ライフハウス大阪から京都出身で自分の街にイエスことを伝えていきたいビジョンをもった人が増え続けているから。
  2. Kyoto is a university city with huge needs for churches to reach out to the next generation. 京都にはたくさんの大学があって、次世代にイエスのことを伝える教会が必要だから。
  3. Kyoto is one of Japans largest cities with 1.5 million people who do not go to church. We are here for them. 京都は日本の大都市で、150万人の教会に行っていない人が住んでいるから。私たちはその人たちのためにここにいる!

Whats happening?


Right now, Lifehouse is doing monthly “pre-services” before launching on Sundays later this year.


Monthly services include worship and preaching and small groups.


We are also running several meet ups including Language exchange to get to know more people in the city and invite our friends to this new community.


For more information of everything happening in Lifehouse Kyoto, please check out the website. Or add us as a friend on line to hear real time information about what is happening.


If you are looking for a church in the Kyoto area and do NOT have a local church you are apart of, please send us and email through Facebook, line or the blog and we will get in touch with you.





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